The Mechromancer


This costume is composed almost entirely of hand-made or recycled pieces from thrift-shops.

The hoodie and skull-top are both thrift-shop purchases which have been modified to fit the theme. The tights and shoes have been hand-painted. The skirt is hand-made without a pattern.

The gun is a toy-gun which has been modified and painted to look like the Noisy Teapot from Borderlands 2.

The accessories are all modified bits from various thrift-finds.

The wig was purchased extra-long from eBay. The hair was secured and cut short, leaving excess strands to craft with. The ponytails are wefts that have been glued around wooden dowels, which have tap-screws inserted to anchor them to a headband worn under the wig.


  • The Art of Video Games 2013
  • Phoenix Comic Con 2013